There is no royal road to doing business, only god rewards you!

2018-04-27 reading:10081

Preface: either at the beginning of the school counterparts to mature and confident elite white-collar, or JiaoChen lovely soft of girl to the individual woman man, every sweet bun, behind has a history of unknown fermentation.The young, who had expected to grow up early, had never been able to come back.When young and young, young and young, use the time to settle down mature, is the life developed self-confidence.


      "Heaven keeps on going, and a gentleman will strive for self-improvement. Terrain kun, the gentleman with the heavy duty. What is the concept of a person sticking to hundreds of calls a day? Before I get into this period, I think people who do this are either stupid or crazy.

With the in-depth understanding of this current guest, xie yuanping, I find that he has played the traditional virtues of the hardworking Chinese nation.


  “You work for yourself, not for others.”


      After graduating from university in shenzhen, Yuanping Xie was working on his major before entering the financial industry. In 2013, he became a broker in the securities company, officially opened his working life in the financial industry, and accumulated certain experience and resources in the financial industry. His fund management business expansion mode is mainly based on electricity sales, participate in the discussion activities as a supplement. It was this experience that allowed him to stick to the habit of making 3-4 hundred calls a day after he joined the company, which gave him the nickname of the little prince. For he knew that all this effort was for himself, and not for others.

  “Giving and receiving are always proportional.”


      At work, he also encountered setbacks, such as the difficult voice of the client on the phone, or the direct hanging up, all of which was just a regular occurrence for him. Although being rejected would be sad, it would be sad, but the thought of being in the mood to sell a product call was a relief. Take a sip of water, take a break, talk to your colleagues, and he'll be ready to burn up again. At the same time, he also to summarize your work every day, continue to improve their operation and business ability, setbacks, how to communicate with the company leadership and the outstanding colleagues, listen to other's advice. For him, the biggest happiness, is some customers because he insisted on and gradually to he wasn't the first time that alienation, gradually establish a sense of trust, to visit our company in the field and further communication. And all of this is inseparable from his efforts.


  “Persistence pays off in life.”


      At work, xie yuanping is a diligent representative of leaders and colleagues. In life, because he is influenced by his family, practicing calligraphy is one of the things he insisted and loved to do. It was his persistent spirit that made him diligent in work and life, and worked hard on the road to becoming an excellent man.


      "Simple things can be done repeatedly, no matter what happens on the road, in the end, it will be fruitful." Insist and believe where there is a will there is a way, the gentleman should strive for self-improvement, this is also the spirit that xie yuanping wants to convey to us. It is believed that in the future, people like him, who are diligent and persistent, will surely win the favor of the goddess of fortune.